The Magic Bundle (Magic 101 & 102) Watch Preview

Get ready to become AMAZING!

In Magic 101, Brian will teach you astounding tricks with common household objects.  You'll learn tricks with playing cards, coins, dollar bills, rubber bands, rope, and more.  

In addition, Brian will teach you about the true secrets of magic: presentation, patter, and more...  In other words, you will learn how not to simply fool audiences, but to entertain them as well.  

With this bundle, you will also unlock Magic 102. In this second level course, you will begin to learn basic sleight-of-hand magic. Each video lesson will show you step-by-step each move and each lesson will build on the latter lesson, helping you develop amazing routines to amaze and bewilder all ages.

Both courses are designed for ages 7 ad up.  Once you register, you (or the magician enthusiast in your family) can begin leaning immediately.  Work your way though each course, unlocking the lessons as they come each day.  

But this course is not just a video course, it is INTERACTIVE!  Throughout these four weeks, the student will also have four opportunities to submit a performance of one of the tricks (optional).  This can be uploaded privately onto the course page (only Brian can see it).  Brian will then create a Personal, One-On-One Review with some encouragement and helpful advice on what you can do to improve your performance.  (Worth the price of the course alone!)  

By signing up, you will get 36 Video Lessons, 4 Video Submissions, and One-On-One Reviews for only $129.95.  Register now for this amazing deal and begin learning magic immediately!

40 Lessons

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Magic 101 (For Beginners)

Lesson 1: Welcome


Lesson 2: Trickster Or Entertainer?

Learn about what REALLY matters!

Lesson 3: House Rules

Before you learn some magic tricks, here are the rules...

Lesson 4: Practice Space

Where and how are you going to practice?

Lesson 5: Pencil Through Bill

A pencil magically penetrates a dollar bill.

Lesson 6: Appearing Knot

Here is a simple trick to get you started doing rope magic!

Lesson 7: Vanishing Knot

If you are going to make a knot appear, you might as well be able to make it disappear!

Lesson 8: Acrobatic Rubber Band

This classic trick is fun to perform wherever you go!

Lesson 9: Karate Chop Banana

Magician cuts a banana while inside the peel.

Lesson 10: Royal Party

To get started learning card tricks.

Lesson 11: Levitating Dollar Bill

Make a folded bill levitate in the air...

Video Assignment

To see your presentation!

Submit Your Video

Lesson 12: Levitating Wand

Make a wand remain suspended in the air!

Lesson 13: Two To One Yarn

Love this trick!!

Lesson 14: Flying Ace

Here is a quick trick to play on others...

Lesson 15: The New Math

How many coins are on the plate?

Lesson 16: Upside-Down Card Trick

Here's another easy card trick with an interesting twist.

Lesson 17: The Criss Cross Force

This is a great force.  Don't overlook it because it is so easy.

Lesson 18: Coin Through Handkerchief

Learn how to make a coin go through a handkerchief.

Lesson 19: Royal Straight Flush

Truly a fantastic card routine that makes you look amazing with cards!

Video Assignment

Submit Your Video

Magic 102 (Intermediate)

Lesson 1: Intro To Magic 102

Time to move up into the next level!

Lesson 2: Coin And Handkerchief

This is a fun way of vanishing a coin completely with the aid of a handkerchief.

Lesson 3: Coin Through Handkerchief - Advanced

This version of a coin through the handkerchief uses some sleight-of-hand and takes the trick to a whole new level.

Lesson 4: Rags To Riches

This is a fun way to make money appear with a handkerchief.

Lesson 5: Two In Hand / One In Pocket

This is a classic routine that you can do with any small objects.  

Lesson 6: Come-Back Coin

This is a fantastic routine with just a coin and a pen or marker.

Lesson 7: Coin In Arm

Here is a fun way to vanish a coin and show both hands empty.

Lesson 8: Double Lift (Elevator Card)

One of the most important tools you can learn for card magic and a great way to make a card go from the center of the deck back to the top.

Lesson 9: Hindu Force (Shuffle)

Here you get two for the price of one: you learn a really good shuffle and an easy force as well.

Lesson 10: Color Changing Card

Now that you have learned the Double Lift and the Hindu Shuffle Force, you can perform a beautiful routine.

Lesson 11: Perfect Match

Here is an interesting idea using a double lift.

Lesson 12: 8 Card Brainwave

This is a fun trick to perform with just a small packet of cards and it is a really great fooler!

Lesson 13: Jumping Hank On Rope

A fun trick you can perform on stage.  

Lesson 14: Rope Through Body

Here is a fun stage trick that looks pretty amazing with just a rope!

Lesson 15: Knot There

This is a fun trick that takes practice, but when you get it down you will receive many ooohs and ahhhs.

Lesson 16: Glide Force

Here is another force and a great way to reveal a chosen card.

Lesson 17: Further Than That

This a fantastic routine that builds on itself.  You'll love performing this great trick.